Sunday, 10 July 2016

The Best Oldies

My parents have always had a big influence on me as we are very close. This includes music. From a young age I was introduced to bands like Duran Duran, Simple Minds, Wham and Queen while driving to far places. Naturally, I have found my favourites among the 80s and 90s mix and after scoping through mine and my dad's playlist, I decided to pick my top 20 for you to enjoy! Please don't be scared of old music, it is a hundred times better than the top 40 of the now. I promise you'll find some you'll like.

Click on the song to hear it on YouTube !

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Winter Is Here | I'M BACK

WOW, I have missed this! It's been so long. I have started a new year in a new grade that turned out to be a little harder than I thought. No worries, my mid-year exams are complete and I'm back to write.

Winter is upon us in South Africa. Winter, as in 20 degrees celsius. So I've come up with a little things to do to make most of our version of winter! Enjoy the holidays and stay warm :

have a movie day!

I'm sure there's a physical or mental list of movies that you haven't watched due to the amount of work school piles on your head. On one of those rainy days, stay in with a blanket and a bowl of popcorn and smarties ( my favourite ). Here's a few movies on my list { click for the trailer ; ) } 

go ice-skating 

Make yourself even colder by finding your closest ice rink and laugh at yourself as your bum gets colder and colder and ......

go to the movie theatre, or a normal one

Get to the nearest shopping centre and go watch a movie you would never choose for yourself ( I would recommend The Conjuring 2 if you're scared of horrors.... I still haven't had a good night's sleep ). Then after it's done, try sneak into another movie without having to pay!
Or you could go online and book a ticket at your local theatre to go watch an actual comedic play for a change.

go to the beach

You might be lucky and have a day of sun, take advantage of that and take a little picnic and lie in the sun for a bit. You'll feel a lot nicer afterwards. If it's a little cloudy,  go and sit in your jersey and choice of warm beverage and just listen to the sea in all its glory.

decorate a little

If you're like me, you like to change the look of your bedroom all the time. So when you're a little bored, change your room a bit. Move your bed, change the decor on your desk. What I've recently been obsessed over is printing inspirational and cute quotes and sticking them all over my wall until it's completely covered! I went on Pinterest, blogs and WeHeartIt for quotes. 

Have fun 

Tuesday, 12 January 2016

My Back - To - School Supplies

Back - to - school stationery shopping can be rough for some, but I like to seize the opportunity to buy things that might make school more enjoyable.
In South Africa, the proper school year starts in January after the long, summer Christmas holidays. Not bragging ;). Recently, I've been preparing for another year ahead of me with some shopping trips. Here are some things that I take to school and that I find absolutely essential!

World Map Pencil Case from Typo
-because the big ones can hold everything I need-

White Ice Watch 

Stabilo Boss Original Highlighting Set 

OH! ORANGE! Baby Lips

Lash Sensational Masscara by Maybelline 
-very good by the way-

Pentel Black .e-ball Pen
-this is really weird but I am very fussy with my pens and this one is my favourite-

Apple Earphones

Brown Leather Bag from Typo

Acroball Exam Pad

Big Hair Clip
-because hair is annoying-

4x Varsity Workbooks from Typo

White Scandals from Cotton On
-these are absolutely adorable and make my feet so happy when I wear them. Which is always.-

Strawberry Glasses Case from Cotton On

Well that's a few things that I like to take to school with me! What do you like to bring when you go to, what some call, hell ?