Friday, 1 September 2017

August Favourites 2017 | My Favourites

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck by Mark Manson

This book has some really crazy and twisted views on how to live the happiest life you can, however some of the advice is really helpful. I feel that everyone should attempt to read this book as there is something for everyone to take into account in their everyday life. I usually read these types of books hoping to learn something, but never actually putting the advice into practice. This book's 'rules for life' can be easily and effectively used and from my experience, it can improve your life.

Bra-lets with Under-wiring from Cotton On

When I saw these, I got really excited! If you have a bigger bust than the average girl you will know that finding a bra-let that fits properly and gives you adequate support is extremely difficult. But with the under-wiring and finding a good size, these are very wearable. The lacey patterns are very pretty and comfortable. They are R250 each and I chose a black, navy and white one to test them out. They also have them in a pretty pink and light blue.

Revlon Dramatic Definition Mascara 

My friend introduced me to this mascara. It's in my favourites because it NEVER CLUMPS! It goes on so smoothly and very clearly makes every eyelash longer. You can get it from about any drugstore and it's not that expensive. 

We Heart It

I found this app somewhere around 2012, when all my friends crazed over it. It is basically a browser for lots of different pictures. I have found a new love for it recently as I find so much inspiration from  the pictures and it is a relaxing past-time. I like to print the pictures I really like and put them on my wall. There are also lots of bedroom and life inspiration that you can 'heart' and follow.

Just a few things I've loved this chilly month, have a merry spring.