Tuesday, 16 December 2014

New Typo And Cotton On Haul

Well, the biggest shopping centre near me just introduced Typo and a HUGE Cotton On and I just couldn't resist. Typo had soooo many things that I wanted. I was walking around flapping my arms and Cotton On was equally amazing. Also it was so big that it was probably bigger than my house.

Anyway, Typo was my first stop. It was quite small and quite pricey for stationery, that's what you expect from Typo. But it is so cute that you can't help but buy a few things ...

The first thing I got was an A5 Weekly planner. I've always wanted one of these for extra murals after school. It also comes in different colours and patterns. It was R69,99. I also picked up one of those famous Typo pens. This one had an actual working fan on the end ! AN ACTUAL FAN ! Which I was blowing on everyone. It's the 'biggest fan pen' and is R99,95. 

I love diaries. I get one every year and use it until the cover pops off (true story) so when I saw this one with the adorable patterns, I knew I would be taking it home. Every month there is a different pattern with a calendar and a week per 2 pages. It has general info and a mini contact book in the front and pages of notes and even a little slit to put goodies inside at the back ! It also comes in different designs and is a price of R199,99.

I also picked up an ADORABLE DISNEY 2015 calendar as one does. Every month there is an old Disney film poster. There was some sort of special so it was R40 when it is originally R99,99. 

So next I went to Cotton On and nearly wet myself. Apparently it's the biggest Cotton On in the world ? I don't know but it was damn huge. They had absolutely everything from cute pyjama shorts to food printed socks. Needless to say I was in my element, and not to mention the change rooms HAD CHARGERS ! WHAAATTTT ?!? 

Wv Evita Tie Waist Playsuit : R299,00
(comes in different patterns and colours)

White foxy lace trim off-the-shoulder dress : R399,00
(comes in different designs and colours)

Grey Striped Emma Crop Top : R99,00
(comes in different patterns and colours)
White Kn Morgan Muscle Crop Top : R99,00
(comes in different colours)

Black and grey bandeau : 2 for R150
                                           1 is R89,00
(comes in different colours)

Monday, 15 December 2014

My Inspiration

I would have never considered creating a blog if it wasn't for ' Zoella '. I was very late on the whole Zoella parade when my friend introduced me to her YouTube channel. To be honest, I wasn't that interested until a few months later when I returned to the Lush and Primark hauls and found myself completely hooked. I was never a beauty freak, I thought make-up was overrated and thought I was way too young to be obsessing over beauty products. But Zoe changed my view. She taught me that make-up was a way to express yourself and have fun not a way to hide yourself. Well basically she could be every girls' role model! She's ultra funny and very good at what she does. I am also super duper excited to try out her new beauty range and book but being in South Africa I will have to wait until the post gets here. 
So if you love make-up and beauty products (or don't, like me) she is worth checking out !  

 Zoella blog: http://www.zoella.co.uk

Zoella YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/zoella280390