Monday, 15 December 2014

My Inspiration

I would have never considered creating a blog if it wasn't for ' Zoella '. I was very late on the whole Zoella parade when my friend introduced me to her YouTube channel. To be honest, I wasn't that interested until a few months later when I returned to the Lush and Primark hauls and found myself completely hooked. I was never a beauty freak, I thought make-up was overrated and thought I was way too young to be obsessing over beauty products. But Zoe changed my view. She taught me that make-up was a way to express yourself and have fun not a way to hide yourself. Well basically she could be every girls' role model! She's ultra funny and very good at what she does. I am also super duper excited to try out her new beauty range and book but being in South Africa I will have to wait until the post gets here. 
So if you love make-up and beauty products (or don't, like me) she is worth checking out !  

 Zoella blog:

Zoella YouTube Channel:

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