Tuesday, 12 January 2016

My Back - To - School Supplies

Back - to - school stationery shopping can be rough for some, but I like to seize the opportunity to buy things that might make school more enjoyable.
In South Africa, the proper school year starts in January after the long, summer Christmas holidays. Not bragging ;). Recently, I've been preparing for another year ahead of me with some shopping trips. Here are some things that I take to school and that I find absolutely essential!

World Map Pencil Case from Typo
-because the big ones can hold everything I need-

White Ice Watch 

Stabilo Boss Original Highlighting Set 

OH! ORANGE! Baby Lips

Lash Sensational Masscara by Maybelline 
-very good by the way-

Pentel Black .e-ball Pen
-this is really weird but I am very fussy with my pens and this one is my favourite-

Apple Earphones

Brown Leather Bag from Typo

Acroball Exam Pad

Big Hair Clip
-because hair is annoying-

4x Varsity Workbooks from Typo

White Scandals from Cotton On
-these are absolutely adorable and make my feet so happy when I wear them. Which is always.-

Strawberry Glasses Case from Cotton On

Well that's a few things that I like to take to school with me! What do you like to bring when you go to, what some call, hell ?