Friday, 3 April 2015

A Bit Of A Change

Recently I have decided that I would like to change my blog COMPLETELY! From the name to the background BUT I've tried certain things and I just can't find something that I would really like. 

After having this blog for 5 months after this month (!!!!) I've realised I don't even like its name. Peachy pleaseee ... was a bit of an impulse name as I just wanted to get my website up and running. And as you've probably noticed, I've changed font and background but now it's even worse than before. UGH #thestruggleisreal ! 

So what I would like to do is ask ANYONE OUT THERE READING THIS TO PLEASE HELP ME!! 

A friend of mine suggested the name 'Flower Fetish' but after discovering that this was also a name of a flower shop I was kinda over it. I want a very uncommon name. I was also thinking about 'Strawberries and Cream' or 'Lemons and Rosemary' but I have a feeling those are often used names ?

To do with the background, I want something simple, maybe even just white with a border. How do you make a background and a transparent for a blog heading ?! Please I would appreciate it if I could get some feedback on how to make my blog to how I like it.

You can email me at OR just comment below? 
Thank you ! ♥ ♥ 

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