Thursday, 24 September 2015

Lust List

Going shopping is very dangerous for me. When I leave, I have a mental list of ANOTHER group of things that I want to get, validating me going back to the shops. Here are a few things that I would love to pick up on my next trip to our shopping centres : 

These shades are just amazing! I've been looking for an eye shadow with the exact pinky shade in this palette so I'll defiantly go to grab this.

I've been looking for nude and light pink lipsticks for a while and when Zoella mentioned these shades in a video I had to seek them out for myself! 
Lipstick 1 : Whimsical 
Lipstick 2 : Nevada 

These are absolutely adorable! I've wanted this polaroid since December and am going to continue my journey to get one.

I think these dresses are so cute. I'm not exactly sure where this one is from but I've seen others elsewhere that I would love to buy.

Matte Nail Polish is so different and I'm loving it! 
This one is from Topshop in the colour 'Nails In Croupier'.

It seems the new trend is the suede skirt. This one is by Hinge I think, but I'm hoping I can get one in the shops near me. (inspiration: Rosy Outlook )

These are the Classic Supergas and I am in love with them. They're so simple and could literally go with any outfit. These shoes are a must!

And that's it! What have you been lusting over lately? 


  1. That Instax Mini 8 :O YES, YES and more yes! Please do get one! <3

  2. The Stila In the light palette is one of my favourites!

    Laura | Breton & Blush

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  4. That suede skirt is beautiful, I don't often wear skirts but I think that one's really nice.