Sunday, 26 July 2015

Pick-Me-Up Songs

When I feel a little down or I just want to rejuvenate myself after a long day, I usually greet my ears with up-beat exciting songs which will get me in a better mood and motivate me to do the things I need to do. I've created a list of songs that will make you feel super happy after sad day.

1. Come On Eileen - Dexy' Midnight Runners & Kevin Rowland
This song is a little old and was also played during 'The Perks Of Being A Wallflower' as the 'ballroom routine'. It's just so peppy and the beat changes quite funny. Basically, you can't listen to this song without a) smiling b) doing a weird jig and c) singing along.

2. No Control - One Direction
For all the people out there that aren't too keen on One Direction, this is not a one direction-y song. It's probably one of my favourites. Along with Stockholm Syndrome, this song is the most uplifting (one direction) song ever. Seriously. Just give this one a try.

3. Uma Thurman - Fall Out Boy
From their new album, this song is just so good. With 'Fall Out Boy type rock' and all the different, changing beats. This song will defiantly put you in a good mood

4. Ain't It Fun -Paramore
This song was a hit about a year ago and it's still one of my favourite songs. It took me awhile to fall in love with it but it has the most amazing 'rock peppy' vibe.

5. My Type - Saint Motel 
From the soundtrack for Paper Towns, I only found this song recently but I instantly loved it. It's sort of old fashioned pop. BEWARE: THIS SONG WILL BE STUCK IN YOUR HEAD FOR HOURS.

6. How Ya Doin'? - Little Mix ft. Missy Elliott
You cannot not add a Little Mix song to this list! With all the sass and girl power, this song is so super catchy and adorable. This song will defiantly get you excited, it's one of my favourite Little Mix songs ever.

7. Shake It Out - Florence + The Machine
Maybe it's because I stretch to this song, but it always gets me pumped up. It's slow in the beginning but really picks up in the chorus. I think you either love this song or you hate it, but I absolutely adore it.

8. All About It - Hoddie Allen ft. Ed Sheeran
I'm not quit sure if this song is well known but my friend showed it to me and it literally became one of my favourite songs ever. It's got a rap-y vibe and the chorus is way too catchy.

9. Shut Up And Dance - WALK THE MOON
This became quite a hit and is literally the definition of a peppy song. This song will stay in your head for the next day after you listen to it and will physically force you to dance around your room. No jokes.

10. Teenage Dirtbag - Wheatus
This is an old song that has been one of my favourites since I was small. This song is so different and will even make you giggle. If you haven't heard this and you need a little energy boost, you HAVE to listen to this one!

11. Figure 8 - Ellie Goulding
This is defiantly my favourite Ellie Goulding song by far. It has such a great chorus and is just overall a great song so, yup, listen to this one!

So this basically became just a list of my favourite songs. Oops. Anyway, I hope you find something you like in here. I'd really like to know what your favourite pick-me-up songs are? 


  1. I love come on eileen and shut up and dance! Shake it off too but the one by Taylor Swift! Although i did do a dance to the one by Florence and the Machine!
    great post
    If you want you could follow me to stay connected and I'll get you right back :)
    Catherine xx

    1. Thank you so much! I have always wanted to do a dance to that song xx