Friday, 3 July 2015

Several Hauls + Birthday

Oops! Another binge. Please note that this was bought over A LONG PERIOD OF TIME and not just in one trip to the shops. And some things I got for my birthday. So I chose my most favourite things that I got, which is basically everything...

Mini Globe - R120 from Typo
Sewing Fit Case - R100 from Typo
Blue Map Case - R100 from Typo
Uranus Notebook - R60 from Typo
Nice Melons Notebook - R60 from Typo 
Map Flask - from Typo
The Jetsons Notebook - R60 from Typo
Universe Map Case - R100 from Typo

Hello Pretty Scatter Cushion - from Mr Price Home

Red Head Band - R50 from JayJays
Cupcake Purse - from Typo
Fox Socks - R50 from Cotton On
Leopard Print Socks - R50 from Cotton On
Pug iPhone 6 Case - R100 from Typo

Vanilla Body Butter - from Poetry
Bath Milk - from Poetry
Mind Down Foam Bath - from Woolworths
OPI 'My Dogsled Is A Hybrid' Nail Polish - from Dis-Chem

Black All Star Converse - R600 from Tekkie Town
Yankee Candle - R250
2x Washi Tape - R50
Blue Stamp - from CNA
Daisy Headphones - from Typo

Gold Ring - from Brand Habit
Peach Labello - from Dis-Chem
Beautiful Redemption by Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl - R170 from Bargain Books
Looking For Alaska by John Green - R130 from Bargain Books
House Rules by Jodi Picoult - R175 from Bargain Books

Blue Blazer - R399 from Cotton On
Blue Crop Top - R189 from Topshop
Black High-Waisted Jeans - R700 from Topshop 

White Shirt - R299 from Cotton On

Blue Jumper - R399 from Woolworths

 Red Checkered Pyjama (believe it or not) Nightie - from Cotton On

 Pink Fluffy Socks - R149 from Cotton On

 Grey Pyjama/Sweat Pants - from Woolworths
White Christmas Patterned Pyjama Pants - R160 from Woolworths
Blue Reindeer Pyjama Pants - R160 from Woolworths
Pink Checkered Pyjama Pants - R249 from Cotton On

 Black Scarf/Snood - R160 from Woolworths
Black Hat - R199 from Cotton On

 Blue & Black Stripey Shirt - R199 from Cotton On
Blue Jeans - R299 from Cotton On
Blue Jean Collared Shirt - R299 from Cotton On

Black 'Mary Poppins' (haha) Heels - R1800 from Froggie 

 Black Sports Bra - R199 from Cotton On
Grey & White Patterned Sports Bra - R199 from Cotton On

Smashbox Make-Up Brand:
Full Exposure Eye Shadow Palette 
Red 'Be Legendary Long Wear Lip Lacquer'
Studio Skin Foundation/Base (shade 1.2)
Crimson 'Always Sharp Lip Liner'

Maroon Jumper - R300 from Cotton On
Blue Mom Jeans - R300 from Cotton On

Blue Summer Dress - R100 (sale) from Cotton On

Stamp Travel Bag - R600 from Cotton On
Strawberry Glasses Case - R89 from Cotton On

3x Socks - R100 from Cotton On

Okay that was A LOT !
I'm also on the look out for light blue boyfriend jeans. Does anyone know where I can find a decent pair?  

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