Sunday, 18 January 2015

Friends And Princesses | New Loves

I get new loves very often. Finding new things that I end up loving is actually very easy ! So I would like to share my two new loves :

1. 'Friends' TV Show :

I'm a real sucker for sitcoms ! Modern Family, 2 Broke Girls, The Middle, How I Met Your Mother are a few of my favourites. Friends is nothing new and many people have watched it, but if you're young and have never experienced the greatness of 'Smelly Cat' like me, then I really recommend watching this and letting it consume your life. I'm currently on season 2 so don't spoil anything for me ! If you're blessed with the channel Comedy Central, Friends is on Mondays-Fridays at 6:00 p.m, if not then use the privileges of the internet. 

2. Pocket Princesses :

Disney Princesses are probably the cutest things. Amy Mebberson is the creator of 'Pocket Princesses'. She draws little cartoons of Disney Princesses which are absolutely adorable ! You can follow her on Facebook at  to see all her little creations. 

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