Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Huge Holiday Haul


 Floral Crown -  1 for R 69,00   from Cotton On
2 for R 100,00

Floral Pixie Button Thru Strappy Dress - R 299,00 from Cotton On 

Sun Please Top - R 199,00 from Cotton On

Little Bunny - R 180, 00 from Art & Craft Market at the Waterfront, Cape Town

White Wing Earphones - R 229,95 from Pylones (a cute shop at the V & A Waterfront) 

Essie 'Fiji' Nail Polish (colour on my nails) - R 118,95 from Clicks

Fizz banger (yellow) and Twilight (pink- sorry it broke)  - R 48,50 each from Lush

Princess Sweat - R 820,00 from Topshop

A4 Banbi Notebook - R 69,99 from Typo

Clueless Notebook (not the actually Clueless book, made that mistake) - R 50,00 from Typo

Daisy Big Bro Case - R 169,99 from Typo

White Sweater - R 559,00 from Zara

Muppet Logo Top - R 180,00 from Forever 21

Black Dress - R 379,00 from Forever 21

Cream Jumpsuit - R 379,00 from Forever 21

Black Leggings - R 69,00 from Forever 21

Black Leggings ( not normal leggings nonononono! They're as soft as heaven and are stretchy and have a kick-ass zip on the side and are turned up at the bottom, these are no ordinary leggings ) - R279,00 from Forever 21

Set Of 3 Diamond Rings - R 89,00 from Forever 21

Annnnnnddddddd that's what you get when you put me in Cape Town for 2 weeks ! 

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  1. I love love love the white/cream jumper - I've been trying to find one like that for ages and finally caught one in H&M today. I can't wait till it's warm enough to wear playsuits again too (the weather is a bit cold here in the UK). Your blog is lovely, will be reading your content from now on!
    The Other Dream Girl xx